Productivity Apps for iOS and Android

Productivity apps are a blessing, and like a prosthetic preventing us from tipping over, and giving us the desired support. There’s a lot of use for productivity apps when you find the good ones and you’ll start wondering how you functioned without em. Hey, why not have a personalizied assistant to carryout delegated commands. url-3-thumb-300x300-80200 In no specific order, here are some cool utility high apps thet you will find interesting. Simplenote (free for iOS, available through third-party Android apps at varying charges). Simple note allows you to sync your text in an uncomplicated and unfanciful way. This app does not give you multiple features jammed into one so think before you download. You can blog, make notes, reminders, or use it as a venting platform to spew out your thoughts. It is free for iOS devices, and for Android, Symbian and Windows users can search out third party alternative apps. Next we look at the Any DO (works on iOS and Android and is  free for download) For those of you who can’t handle Wunderlist which is just a bit too over the top, try Any.DO. This app syncs between Android and iOS devices and offers way more than other apps providing similar functions. The highlight of this app is that you can share content user elegant user interfaces and uses a Chrome web app for processes on the desktop. With this app you won’t be constrained by the boring limitations on customization, but you can use a range of options to customize the app. Ever heard of Bump? (Its free for iOS and Android) Here’s another app that let’s you share content like contacts, pictures, files, etc., across platforms by simply bumping phones together. Yes across platforms means they can be two different ones. It may not come with a plethora of features but the main catchpoint is that its deigned for every phone. You can use this app across your network service or through  WiFi. The iA Writer (for iOS exclusively at a cost under Rs.60) For bloggists, and writers who frequently write online, this app is worth the space. It is a text editor that works using John Gruber’s Markdown syntax, making HTML writing natural like regular english. Limitations of this app is that it suprisingly does not have formatting options. It however has a nice typeface with well sized font for comfortable and easy on the eyes reading through mobiles. Website content writers will love this app. The Dropbox (works on iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, and more for free) One of the best apps yet, utility wise is the Dropbox, for those who don’t have it, and don’t even know about it, catch up! Dropbox is famously accoladed for giving us great cloud storage solutions. The Company is doing so well that Apple tried to have them sellout to it however in a creditworthy move the Company rejected the offer of x bid price and are still doing a fabulous job. Dropbox let’s you keep your files in sync and up to date. It runs on all devices. You can download it onto your tablet, computer or mobile; try it.

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