Prisma alternatives that will help you spice up photos on your Android

“Here’s a roundup of the top Android substitutes for the popular iOS app Prisma”

In the last few days, a couple of apps like Pokémon GO and Prisma have made the world go in frenzy. Pokémon GO is a game that involves catching Pokemon (duh), while Prisma is a photo-editing tool that brings an artistic flare to your pictures. Unlike the former, Prisma however is only available on the iOS. If you are rocking an Android and your Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with photos processed from Prisma, worry not. While the Android app for same is in the works, we have rounded up some of the best Prisma alternatives you can find on Android right now. Now these apps may not be Prisma alternatives in the truest sense, but play around with them and you might be able to achieve similar-looking results. Then you can go ahead and share your masterpieces with the world.

paper camera logoPaper Camera (Rs 48.55)

Paper Camera renders cartoony and art-like filters in real time using your phone’s camera. The app allows you to either click a picture or record a video using a particular filter or even modify an existing image. The app comes loaded with creative filters (pen and paper, pastel perfect etc ) with the option to further fine tune them via on-screen options.

paper cam 3 paper cam 1 paper cam 2 

cc logoCartoon Camera (free)

Like Paper Camera, this app also allows you to render cartoony filters in real time with the difference being that this app comes with a free version which gives users access to eight of the twelve available filters. The app has a pretty straightforward user interface with a colour sensitivity slider on the left, and an edge strength one on the right. There are options to click using either the rear or the front-facing camera and the phone’s LED flash can also be used. Unfortunately, the app lags a lot while moving the camera and there is no support for recording videos as yet.

cartoon cam 3 cartoon cam 1 cartoon cam 2 

picsart logoPicsArt (free)

Probably the most feature-rich of the bunch, you can hardly go wrong with PicsArt. The app boasts over 100 different photo-editing tools and has a strongly-knit community of creative artists as well. There are several projects and challenges that users can compete in to show off their editing or drawing prowess. The app features a ton of collections which users can browse and even modify some free-to-edit ones. Going over the filters that best compete with Prisma, users can select the artistic category which comes with 21 different options to choose from… including creating animated GIFs. All in all, it’s a very well-rounded app which will definitely bring out the artist in you.

picsart 2 picsart 3 picsart 1 

pixlr logoPixlr (free)

Last on our list is Pixlr, a photo-editing tool by Autodesk which has a powerful one click autofix feature. Like every other app on this list, this too will let you edit your photos with a wide array of filters (which are listed as overlays in the app). Pixlr also lets users use multiple layers of photos and blend them together, and then edit them as a whole. It comes with cosmetic editing tools like teeth whiteners and blemish removers as well as options to add an artistic touch to the photos using sketch or pen filters. This app has a little something for everybody and can be a strong editing option for users on the go.

pixlr 3 pixlr 1 pixlr2 

While none of these options match the brilliance of cloud processing AI present in Prisma, they still are strong options for Android users looking for a good tool to spruce up their photos with artistic filters. Prisma will eventually make its debut on Android but until it does, you can enjoy adding filters to your photos from any one of these apps!

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