Premium Suite Upgrade unveiled for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Along with an upcoming Android Jelly Bean update Samsung unveiled the “Premium Suite Upgrade” for Samsung Galaxy SIII. This comes post the teaser last Friday regarding the upgrade. However the timeframe within which this upgrade will be provided to Samsung users has not been officially announced.

This update offers Easy mode option where you can keep the five most frequently used widgets on the home screen. While the sound balance feature lets you decide the volume of each side of the earphone separately, this also provides enhanced listening experience to music lovers.

The prime feature of this update is its Multi-Window feature. This feature allows you to run two separate apps simultaneously without affecting the functioning of either one of them. This feature was already available on Samsung Galaxy Note.

Apart from Multi Media feature this update also provides features like Camera best face which allows you to take 5 consecutive pics so that you can decide your favorite one amongst them. Its Camera, Low Light Shot lets you click good pics even in low light situations. The camera also offers ‘face detection’ feature where it tells you about how many faces it can detect at a particular time.It also has Paper Artist function that enables its users to change the mood of their pics any time.

With a list of these exciting features Samsung Galaxy SIII users can expect a broad range of user friendly apps and enhanced performance of their devices.

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