Pre App, The app store to preview new apps before launch

PreApps is a new company launched in America that is tapping on the app market wave with a very unique service wherein apps are Beta tested before its official launch. According to the company, there are around 1.2 million apps available in the market currently and over 30,000 new apps are submitted by developers each month. According to research reports only 25% of the app developers made over 50% of the total revenue generated by the app industry last year. The supply exceeds demand in this industry, to the point where the average revenue for app makers has decreased by 27%. With its services, PreApps allows app developers preview their apps before making an official launch. App enthusiasts can just log onto the website ( and explore the previews, rate them and even download the apps before their official release. Currently the service is available only for Apple App Store, Windows 8 Store and Google Play. To use this service, app developers just have to load the app onto the PreApp website platform, which is absolutely free. The website offers premium services for market research and analysis to help develop customer insight and understand the market potential for the app. the PreApp is very like a movie trailer being released to create buzz in the market and cash in within the first two weeks of release giving the app an opportunity to establish itself. With the PreApp service, users can look forward to better apps being created with better features and more seamless which might require fewer updates with bug fixes type of problems.

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