Popular video recording app Vine arrives on Windows Phone 8 Operating System

Twitter’s short video recording app Vine is now made available to the Windows Phone 8 devices. The application was demoed last month at Nokia World, where Microsoft promised to bring several popular apps including Vine and others like Instagram, Flipboard, etc. to its platform. Vine 1Vine 2 If you don’t know what Vine is, then simply put, it can be considered as Twitterification of video- one is only allowed to capture up to 6 seconds of a video (termed as Vine). This constraint turns out to be advantageous as it allows one to be more creative. Users specifically make use of stop motion capability to create interesting videos. Similar to a full-fledged social network, one can comment or reshare the vines recorded by others and follow them, as well. The Vines can also be shared on the Twitter and Facebook, as well as embedded on any website. Vine 3Vine 4 Coming to the app on the Windows Phone 8, it offers similar interface and functionalities as of its Android and iOS counterparts. The UI is very minimalistic where one can see Vines created by others, check your own profile and activities, search for vines via categories/ people/ tag or create a Vine. A simple one-click is required anywhere on the display to start recording a video, which will be paused once you remove the hands off the display. One can make use of both rear and front-facing camera in the device to make a Vine. Apart from usual features, the app also makes use of Windows Phone 8 specific features such as Live Tiles. Pinning the app on the start screen will give you a glance to new Vines shared by people you follow. One can also pin a user directly to the start screen to get instant access to their feed. Download the Vine app for your device and showcase your creativity!

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