[POLL] What is the best screen size for phones? You decide!

“Vote for the ideal smartphone screen size”

Screen sizes on phones boggle the mind. 3.5-inch used to be perfect, but then came 4… It felt taller then, but felt small as soon as 5-inch phones came into town.  Next, there was the dawn of phablets – 5.3-inches, then 5.5, then 5.7, then 6-inches!

While we have the same hands, we now have different demands. But this doesn’t mean they only keep growing big, nada. Instead, they keep oscillating. For instance, this year we saw the launch of a 6.8-inch Lenovo Phab Plus and the 4-inch iPhone SE! So, with so many sizes available, what is the average fit? Well, why don’t you tell us? Cast your vote down below and let’s find out what screen size is ideal for most of us!

What is the ideal screen size for a smartphone?
below 4.5 inch : Compact is convenient.
4.5 - 5.2-inch : Small, but not that small!
5.3 - 5.6-inch : Neither big, nor small.
above 5.7-inch : The bigger, the better!
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