[POLL] Samsung Galaxy S7, Xiaomi Mi 5 or LG G5: which one will be the showstopper?

We’re barely two months into 2016, but the fireworks have already begun! Several smartphones are due to be unveiled this month alone and they’ll set the stage for clashes that will occur throughout the year. In fact, some of the smartphones that will launch this month will set precedents for the mobile devices to be released in the later months.

The three most popular phones out of this mill are Samsung’s Galaxy S7; the powerful phone that will take the Galaxy lineage forward, the much (much) awaited Xiaomi Mi 5 that will offer flagship-like specs at the price of a mid-ranger, and finally, the LG G5, the successor to the very likeable LG G4.  Remember we said they’ll set precedents? Well, if the rumours are to be believed, these monsters will bring to the table features like “Always On” displays, two-day battery life, force touch technology and Snapdragon 820 processors! 

Now while they all seem quite compelling in their own ways, the trio also seem to be very popular among their fans. So we’re asking you to be the judge! Tell us which phone are you waiting the most for? Which of these titans do you think will triumph? Vote for the one you love and do share the post so that others can do the same… Let the poll begin! 

Which phone are you waiting for?
Samsung Galaxy S7
Xiaomi Mi 5

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