Play Spy vs Spy on iOS

spy-game-screenshots The classical comic strip Spy vs Spy impressed a large number of people. In continuation to it, Robots and Pencils have announced the arrival of Spy vs Spy game on iOS. This game will be compatible on all iPhone, iPod and iPad. The initial tag price of this game has been kept at $1.99. The developers of the game have done a good home work on this game and it is based on the gameplay designed in 1984. The game is instilled with quality HD visuals and superb Wi-fi support. An array of features has been filled in it which will make the game more lucrative. The game is a good mix of humor, action and all sorts of adventures. It is a multiple player game with a smooth online platform. Both the retro mode and modern mode of this game has received a good response. The retina graphics instilled in the iPad and iPhone will make your experience smoother. You will also enjoy the integrated Game Center leader boards. Even the theme music of this game is pretty decent and will take you in directly. This game can easily be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. The initial payment will be deducted from your account. The 16 new embassies also need to be paid a good attention at. Spy vs Spy is a complete package that will satisfy your interrogating urge for sure. This game will add a new feature on your phone.
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