Plants vs Zombies 2 game will arrive in 2013

Hello guys if you have ever played Plants vs Zombies part one on your android or iOS devices then you can be happy about releasing of its next version. PopCap who developed this game for you just announced the launching of Plants vs Zombies 2 in 2013. Plants vs Zombies part one came to iOS and Android devices last year, now its sequel will hit smart device market in the springs of 2013. PopCap is a famous game developer in online and smart phone market. Plants vs Zombies was a huge hit among the gamers on iOS & Android devices. If PopCap wants the same popularity with Plants vs Zombies 2 then they will have to come up with better style game play with cool features.

Plants vs Zombies Game

Zombies based games are kind of pretty famous on iOS and Android market because people love to spend their free time killing zombies on their devices. PopCap is mainly owned by famous gaming firm EA Games. Stock prices of EA Games dropped recently and they kind of wanted to sell their company because of many famous companies like Zynga and all giving them hard competition in the smartphone market. Well we can’t say anything about this further because there is no confirm news from company’s end. If you haven’t played Plants vs Zombies yet then we would like to tell you that in this game you have to build different types of plants in your yard and kill hordes of zombies. They will try to destroy your plants and eat your brain, in order to save yourself from the incoming hordes of different types of zombies you have to build better strategy in the game by creating better plants according to the level of difficulty. We have included iTunes and Android Store link in the bottom so that you can have Plants vs Zombies on your device. Download Link –     iOS Devices ||    Android Devices
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