Phonebloks: Build your phone like LEGO blocks

Phonebloks 1

How many times it has happened with you that you’re in urgent need of a mobile phone, yet you keep postponing your purchase in a hope to get even more latest and powerful phone? Or just when you bought a phone, a newly launched phone make you feel that your phone is outdated? Today we bring to you a concept phone designed by Dave Hakkens called as phonebloks. As you can see from the name, it’s a combination of two words- Phone and Blocks. Not just name, they also serves as two aspects of the device. The phone part gives the device a basic block, whilst the blocks part gives users the flexibility of using any block for display, camera, processor, storage and more on top of the basic block. You can consider it akin to Lego blocks, we used to play in childhood enabling us to use them in any manner and build anything.

Phonebloks Modules

The designer came with this idea to solve ever increasing e-waste which happens because we just feel that our device has become old or just a single part of the device went kaput and hence we throw almost perfect device. With this concept, designer aims to give users the flexibility to update their phone themselves by removing and attaching just a new block instead of the whole new phone. This will not only save money for users, but also results in less e-waste. With Phonebloks, we can design the phone according to our requirements, for example a shutterbug can use better camera sensor in the device. Similarly, we can also update it the device to newer standards of Bluetooth and USB as soon as they come out, since we simply need to swap the blocks.

Phonebloks for Photographers

Watch this video for overview of Phonebloks- However, don’t get too excited as its just an idea only and instead of designing it himself, Hakkens is hoping to gain public support to ask hardware manufacturers to start such initiative. The campaign had got off to great start generating more than 90% public support. But even if we keep technical difficulties aside for such a device to actually work, it’s very difficult to see that companies will support such an idea. Because this would mean that the companies will have to let go of their usual business model of launching newer and better mobile phones regularly. Thus even though the idea is certainly great, we don’t see it turning into reality anytime soon. What do you think of this idea? Would you love to make and break your device yourself? Source: Phonebloks
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