Phonak Audeo PFE122 Earphone First Impression

Phonak is an unheard company in the headphone market but has specialty for over 60 years in hearing-aid systems. Phonak had decided a few years back that it will plunge into the market of headphones with a unique line of earphones called Audeo. This company has really come up with the most comfortable, secure-fitting and balanced sounding headphones that you can come across. Let us take a brief look at these amazing earphones called the Audeo PFE-122s that is priced reasonably under $200.


Design and features

Being in the hearing aid sector, Phonak certainly knows the shape of the human ear and how to make a design that will provide great fit and comfort. The Audeos’ “Perfect-Fit” design utilizes a curved L-shaped earpiece and over-the-ear cable guides to ensure a great fit in your ears. Audeo also includes a set of interchangeable acoustic filters, which can alter the tonal balance indicated by the color of the selected filter. While a set comes with the package, you can also buy sets of replacement filters along with an additional green-colored, bass emphasizing filter. The Audeos line-up is made for iPhone and other mobile devices and also features a built-in mic and single multi-function control button on the earpiece cord. Fit and comfort The Audeo PFE-122 offers a great fit into your ear canals with a very secure feeling that assures you that these won’t come out with any head movement. It offers superior comfort and you can just forget the ear-buds in your ears and safely put them on for lengthy periods of time. Audio Performance The PFE122 needs some play time after which the sound really opens up and gives an amazing music listening experience. The sound quality can be termed as absolutely perfect with the right amount of balance in every aspect; the bass, midrange, treble, name anything and this earphones gives out the perfect mixture. Conclusion The Phonak Audeo PFE122 has an excellent design, great fit and comfort level and superbly balanced sound; a complete package to go for.
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