Panasonic P81 camera review: doesn’t live up to the expectations

“Wondering how well the P81 fares in the camera department? You’re at the right place”

Panasonic P81 04

With its latest smartphone, the P81, Panasonic is gunning for market share in the upper mid-range segment. To ensure that, the Japanese brand has equipped the device with top-notch specifications. However, the camera is one of the key aspects of any modern smartphone, and hence we deemed it fit to bring you a closer look at the camera performance of the latest octa-core phablet. Let’s begin.

Long shot

Panasonic P81 camera sample

Close up

Panasonic P81 camera sample (3)

Close up (zoomed in)

Panasonic P81 camera sample (zoomed in)

HDR off

Panasonic P81 camera sample (10)

HDR on

Panasonic P81 camera sample (9)

Low-light shot

Panasonic P81 camera sample (12)

Low-light shot with flash

Panasonic P81 camera sample (11)

In terms of the image quality, the 13-meg shooter on the Panasonic P81 results in below average images. The details are missing and colours seem oversaturated. We found HDR mode to be quite ineffective and automatic white balance was also off the mark indoors. Also, like many smartphone snappers, it fails in low-light conditions with pictures turning out to be quite grainy.

Compared to its peers, the camera seems to be average. If you’re wondering whether or not it will be able to compete with others in terms of other features, capabilities, usability and overall performance, we’ll be coming up with an in-depth review of the Panasonic P81 soon.

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