Panasonic Lumix SZ1 Camera First Impression

Panasonic has always created a remarkable impression with its cameras, with their trendy design and admirable resolution. The Panasonic Lumix has been recently launched, and has the design of a typical simple yet classy camera with black finish in front and grey on the borders with sparkling silver zoom compartment. Panasonic Lumix SZ1 The Panasonic Lumix SZ1 stylish appeal is contributed by the matte black. These cameras are designed with finger imprint resistant metals. The Panasonic SZ1 is offered in three colour options of silver, red and black. To enhance the style factor, the company has been creative by inserting a silver strip that flows along four sides. This camera has the capacity to attract an overwhelming consumer response with just its appeal. The front is decked with interesting features of Lumix branding, large lens, AF assist and LED flash, these components seasons the camera with that extra charm. The rear is inserted with 2-inch display with buttons to access various camera options. The camera is constructed in such a unique way that one can access different modes by just tapping the mode button. There is a toggle button to operate the playback option where one can review pictures when clicked. The rear is inserted with menu set button, quick menu and display button. The toggle switch is fitted on the top along with shutter release button, zoom rocker and video recording button. There is sufficient spacing between the buttons to avoid pressing other buttons accidentally. There is one connectivity of USB port which has multiple functions of charging and you can also attach a PC. With regard to the overall build, the Panasonic Lumix SZ1 scorers well without incidents of tearing. The Panasonic Lumix SZ1 has amazing features to generate decent capturing and resolution. The camera is inserted with 10x optical zoom which is powerful for its slender body which could also be referred to dynamite in the slender segment. The other noteworthy quality is the image stabilising technology that minimised blur in shots and macro, the blur is insignificant even when you accidentally shake while capturing. Moreover with the Panasonic Lumix SZ1, the 16 megapixel CCD sensor can roll out incredible and large print images on even A4 sheets. The camera has an outstanding 4608×3456 resolution capacity. The drawback here is the CCD sensor fails to provide an impact compared to the CMOS sensor. The 3-inch display portrays stunning resolution of 230000 dots, which is an excellent medium to review image shots. For shooting purposes there is a string of presets which enables effective shooting in different environmental conditions. The presets included are portrait, soft, skin, scenery, panorama, sports, night portrait, and many others. There are also various modes to shoot such as Black and white, sepia tone, vivid and many more. The Panasonic Lumix SZ1 has decent video recording capacity of HD 720 at 24 fps. The exciting element of this camera is you can record internal memory by inserting an SD card, SDHC card or SDXC card. The Panasonic Lumix SZ1 may not be very efficient in terms of video recording compared to other cameras. This camera has credible features to shoot in different environments, and also capture portraits. This camera is beneficial when on vacation to capture breathtaking sceneries.

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