Palm Touchstone Charging Kit First Impression

Wireless charging is the future of tomorrow. Most manufacturers are shortening the length of the cable itself; don’t know what good that does, but the subconscious idea is to get rid of those wires. Palm offers a magnetic induction block which is nothing but an update kit for the Palm Pre. Energy transmission through induction charging is about 60 to 70 percent. So that means that one third of that energy is lost, however that one third is a very small portion of very little energy. Charging the battery fully through induction charging takes more time. palm-touchstone You can test this kit on your handset. Buying  a battery compartment lid and mat/block is a good option. You will also need a soldering rod, tin-lead solder and standard wire as also a cutter knife. This should be sufficient for prepping up. Next solder two thin wires on the contacts of the secondary coil to test the functionality of the kit, and to see if the charging process really does commence. Once you are satisfied of this, solder the free ends to the inner pins. Refer to other sources depending on your handset to find the right pins for this process. Thereafter test to see if a current flows by laying the Palm lid on the plinth; you should see Wireless Charging initiated on your handset now. 0nce this is done, disconnect the cable from the lid and remove the coil from the lid and stick it onto the lid of your device. Apply extreme caution while doing this part of the process. After this trim the cable and solder the ends to the contacts of the secondary coil as previously done, and put your smartphone back together. Now place your smartphone on the charging block and test it. The charging should begin. Try this kit after carefully understanding the risks involved. If you are cautious about soldering the right points this should leave you with futuristic wireless through a simple DIY process.

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