Over 700000 Android Devices Activated Everyday !!!

Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin announced that there are about 700000 Android devices are activated every day. He also claims that, each device is counted only once and re-sold devices are not taken into account. He further clarifies that whenever a new device put on a network is counted for a new activation.


Earlier in the month of May, Google reported that there are about 550000 devices activated in a day and it was a tremendous growth for Google Android since then. With a constant growth rate, Google were able to achieve a mark of 200 million Android devices in the month of November. Also, the Android market reached 10 million downloads and is growing on a steady phase. A couple of days back Google Android OS overtook Symbian for the first time.

On the other hand, Apple will not post their iOS device activation figures regularly. The last one we heard from Cupertino was a daily average of 275000 in the last year. This October, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple activated a total of 250 million iOS devices up until now. So, Apple is on lead with this game.

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