How OPPO has always been at the forefront of the selfie revolution

If you are looking for the best selfie shooter in the market, then OPPO’s latest smartphone, the F1s should be at the top of the list. With a 16-meg sensor at the front, and a myriad of software features, it ensures that your best look is captured, always. In fact, OPPO has always ranked high when it comes to smartphone optics, and it rests its pride in the fact that it has brought forth various innovations in this area. Perhaps that’s why it has become so successful in its home market as well as India. These innovations, for both the rear and front cameras, are what sets the company and its offerings apart in this saturated smartphone industry.

Today, we will be taking a look at how OPPO sowed the seeds of selfie revolution in the early years, and is now reaping its benefits by being known for impressive selfie smartphones, including the most recent launch, the OPPO F1s.

OPPO U701 Ulike

It might be hard to believe but back in 2011, OPPO’s U701 Ulike was the world’s first smartphone to come with a built-in beautify mode for the camera. It was a feature loved by many users as it helped them look their best even on days when they had a few pimples. Since then, the company hasn’t looked back. In fact, OPPO’s latest, the F1s comes with a much more advanced beautify mode, standing at v4.0 and comes with seven levels of intelligent beautification and processing algorithms.

While more and more people are getting attracted to the selfie phenomenon, clicking selfies isn’t very simple, especially when you aren’t using a selfie stick. That’s because the close distance between the smartphone and the user means that the area that is being captured is very less.

To tackle the issue, OPPO ingeniously thought of the 80-degree “golden angle” field of view, introduced with the front camera of the Ulike 2. The smartphone –launched in 2013 – allowed users to capture more info in the background. An industry first, the wider field of view also ensured that you didn’t have to crop your best friend out from the selfie.


But what about situations when you have an even larger number of people you want to capture in a selfie? For situations like these, the company introduced the Panorama feature on the front camera of its offerings. Just pan around the area with your smartphone, and it will stitch together a perfect panorama selfie with all the people in one frame.

OPPO is also among the very few manufacturers which has smartphones equipped with front cameras that offer a very high megapixel count. The idea of having larger megapixel count in smartphones is what resulted in the OPPO N1 – world’s first smartphone with a rotatable hinge, allowing up to 206-degree rotation of the camera sensor. Yes, the device came with 13-megapixel module that could be used in any position, and thus promising well-detailed selfies. Coincidentally, the N1 was the first device that was launched in India by the company, back in January 2014. The OPPO N1’s successor, the N3, took the idea to the next level by offering a motorised module with a greater level of control over the rotation of the 16MP camera. This allowed consumers to capture selfies from interesting angles.


Similarly, OPPO’s most recent launch, the F1s, comes with a 16MP front facing camera, while on the other hand, the Apple iPhone 7 duo have just made the jump to a 7MP sensor at front. Talking about iPhones, remember the screen flash feature of last year’s iPhone 6S which illuminated the whole display to take better low-light selfies? What if we told you that the first phone to implement it was OPPO’s R7 that debuted earlier that year? Surprising, but true.


This year, the brand took things up a notch by introducing a selfie-centric F series. Both the F1 and F1 Plus won the critical acclaim for their selfie prowess, and their successor, the F1s takes their legacy forward. The OPPO F1s comes packed with many of the aforementioned features to offer an impressive selfie experience. But that’s not all, it’s also quite loaded in terms of specs too – a 5.5-inch full HD display, an octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, and a 3,075mAh battery. OPPO is also promising to bring its consumers a surprise on November 21st, so watch out for that.


As can be seen, OPPO has contributed towards the selfie revolution in more ways than one. Be it the front flash, or the selfie panoramas, the Chinese giant is one of the main reasons why front cameras on smartphones are the way they are today. Here’s a quick look at the exciting journey of selfie smartphones from OPPO:

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