Oppo N1: frequently asked questions

Oppo entered India with a bang, and brought with it its powerful new flagship, the N1. The premium flagships comes with quite a few firsts and a ton of notable features, apart from sporting a sturdy build and standout design. We’ll be coming up with a full review shortly, but till then, here are a few things you should know about the device. Oppo-N1-9

Oppo? Come again?

We’ll forgive you if you haven’t heard of Oppo. It may be new in India, but is actually quite a well-known electronics company in its home country China. The Find 5 was one its most popular smartphones in recent times. The Oppo N1 is its latest flagship, and marks the Indian debut of the brand. The company unveiled the device recently in New Delhi, and also announced Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor as its brand ambassadors in the country.

What’s the Oppo N1 all about?

Oppo-N1-12 The N1 is a premium phablet, rocking a massive 5.9-inch full HD display and powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU clocked at 1.7GHz. It also offers 2GB of RAM, 16GB non-expandable storage, all the usual connectivity options including NFC, and a single camera with a resolution of 13-megapixels. We would normally use special adjectives like ‘gargantuan’ or ‘humungous’ to describe the size of the phone, but in the N1’s case, they’d all fall flat on their respective faces. Let’s just call it ‘big’ and leave it at that.

What kind of SIM support does the Oppo N1 feature?

The Oppo N1 is a single-SIM device, and accepts a micro-SIM card in a removable tray tucked on the side.

What are its noteworthy features?


The Oppo N1 actually has quite a few firsts to its credit. It’s the first smartphone in the world to feature a camera that can swivel and double up as both the primary shooter as well as the front shooter for selfies and video calls. That effectively makes it the first smartphone to boast a 13-megapixel autofocus shooter with a dual LED flash in the front. Of course, that depends on the direction the camera is pointing. In addition, the device also features a nifty touch panel on the rear that can be used for navigation and predefined actions. You could use it to navigate images in the gallery for example, or set it to launch and close an app of your choice with a double tap. The N1 also boasts of a special drop-down touch panel that can be used for actions such as launching apps by means of customisable gestures. The phablet also supports a few gestures and actions while its in standby mode – the display comes on with a double tap, and you can even draw the letter ‘c’ on the screen to launch the camera directly.

A swivel camera? How does that work?

Oppo-N1-54 Just like the usual smartphone camera, except that it can be rotated from its usual position facing the rear to face the front, and anywhere in between. Apart from high-res selfies, it can also be used to capture shots at weird angles and shots of people without them knowing. We wouldn’t recommend that however, for obvious reasons. You can also set the device to launch straight into the camera selfie mode from standby as soon as the shooter is swivelled to face the front.

The Oppo N1 runs ColorOS. Is that a new mobile platform?


Actually no. The Oppo N1 runs Android 4.2, but sports a custom interface labeled ColorOS on top. Apart from the custom interface, ColorOS also enables the aforementioned features and gestures. Oppo also has a another variant of the N1 that runs CyanogenMod, but it isn’t available in India. Tinkerers can however, choose to install it on the retail N1 on their own.

Does the Oppo N1 support USB On-the-Go or USB host functionality?

Absolutely, the N1 supports USB OTG and all you’ll need to make use of it to connect external flash drives is a cheap adapter and a free file manager app such as Astro File Manager from Google Play. Very useful, especially since you can’t augment internal storage in the usual way.

What all do I get with the device and what are the damages involved?

Oppo-N1-66 The N1 carries an MRP of Rs 39,999 and comes in a lovely plastic box. Apart from the usual accessories like a premium set of earphones, charger and USB cable, you also get the O-Click. This is a tine keyfob-sized device that pairs with the handset wirelessly over Bluetooth, and enables phone finder features, apart from acting as a remote shutter release for the phone’s camera.  
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