Oppo Find 7: rapid charge showdown

“Put to the ultimate test, just to find out how fast the rapid charge of the Find 7 actually is”

The Oppo Find 7 is the first smartphone in India to feature the rapid charge technology called VOOC, promising a 75 percent battery charge in close to 30 minutes. While the claims have been huge, we have put this feature to the test. Compared with an average Android smartphone, we gave both devices 30 minutes of time to recharge their batteries.

Quite surprisingly, while the generic Android smartphone only managed to reach close to 15 percent battery level in 30 minutes, the Oppo Find 7 had already crossed the 70 percent threshold. Without any doubts, we can conclude that VOOC performs as advertised, and in its own small way, showcases the path ahead for future smartphones. To know more about the VOOC technology and how it works, you can check out the article here.

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