Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the best selfie smartphone of them all?

               “We took some of the top smartphones out on a selfie-spree”

OPPO F1s selfie comparison

Do you know that the very first selfie was clicked by Robert Cornelius in 1839 while standing in his yard? That one isolated event which dates back hundreds of years has become all the rage in the present. Selfies have smitten people all over the globe regardless of their gender or age. From politicians to celebrities and even astronauts in space, clicking selfies has become the norm of the day. Selfies have not just changed the way we go by in our day to day lives, but have also transformed the face of social media and technology. Be it Instagram or Facebook or any other social platform, there is an overabundance of people documenting their lives by sharing their selfies. The expeditious rate of the selfie trend has created a demand for smartphones with better front facing cameras as they have now become an important factor to consider prior to purchasing one. Companies like OPPO, Apple, Samsung and many more have adapted themselves to this new change by providing users with smartphones that have good front-facing cameras. Recently OPPO announced the F1s, which boasts a 16MP front facing camera and we decided to put it through its paces by comparing it with some of the best mobile phones out there. Curious about the results? Well, keep reading to find out how it fared!


indoor iphone 6s Indoor nexus 6p indoor A7 indoor-oppo

From left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s

With over a million selfies taken on a daily basis all over the world, it’s safe to assume that a huge fraction of that number are taken indoors which is where we tested the cameras next. As can be seen from the pictures, the OPPO F1s and the Nexus 6P offer the best stills in this scenario with the Galaxy A7 and iPhone 6s playing catch-up. Both the 6P and the F1s captured pictures with incredible detail and colour reproduction on both was fairly even. We’ll let you be the judge of who won in this scenario as the decision could sway either way. 

Indoors (lowlight) 

indoor lowlight iphone 6s indoor lowlight nexus 6p indoor lowlight A7 indoor-lowlight-oppo

From left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s

We divided the tests based on several real-life scenarios tailored for selfie-addicts with Indoors lowlight selfie being first on the list. As most selfie cameras don’t come equipped with flash upfront, many users have complaints regarding the quality of images in lowlight conditions. However, the 16MP front-facing shooter on the OPPO F1s captures incredible details and the stills from the camera in lowlight conditions aren’t grainy or noisy. The pictures shot from the Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6S don’t do that good a job at colour reproduction and the pictures are visibly more distorted.

Indoors (against the light) 

indoor camera facing light iphone 6s indoor camera facing light nexus 6p  indoor camera facing light A7 indoor-camera-facing-light-oppo   

             From left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s                                              

Although not a lot of you would consider clicking pictures in this scenario, we wanted to cover all the bases. As is evident from the pictures, the Nexus 6P, Galaxy A7 and the OPPO F1s got substantially better stills than the iPhone 6s. However, the Nexus 6P did manage to get an edge over the competition on this one.


outdoor iphone 6s outdoor nexus 6p A7 outdoor outdoor-oppo

From left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s 

Probably the most ideal scenario for clicking a selfie, all the devices performed fairly evenly when clicking pictures outdoors. However,the cameras on the OPPO F1s and the Nexus 6P outshined the competition with their superior sensors. Since there is little to differentiate between the pictures clicked by the Nexus 6P and the OPPO F1s, deciding which still is superior is a matter of personal opinion.

Outdoors (Lowlight) 

iphone 6s outdoor lowlight outdoor lowlight nexus 6p outdoor lowlight A7  outdoor-oppo-lowlight

From left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s

Whilst clicking photos, the camera captures the light bouncing off the subject to form its image. But perfect moments don’t wait for perfect lighting which is why, we tested the cameras outdoors when the light was scarce. The iPhone 6s showed considerable improvement in quality compared to the previous scenarios putting it in the same league as the OPPO F1s and the Nexus 6P. As all three phones fared relatively equal, we’ll let

Outdoors (under shade)

outdoor under shade iphone 6s outdoor under shade nexus 6p outdoor under shade A7 outdoor-under-shade-oppo

From left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s

We took the front-facing shooters outside for a spin when the sun was not directly over our heads. The OPPO F1s offered truer colours and a much brighter and clearer image than the competition. While the Google Nexus 6P came dangerously close to OPPO, the iPhone 6s seems to have given up at this point with the images having an orange-ish tint to them.

Beauty Mode

indoor beauty A7 indoor-beauty-oppo

                                                                                From left to right: Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s        

While many of us may agree that beauty on the inside is what matters the most, we still try to perfect what’s on the outside. Applying make-up to cover all the blemishes and zits is not always an option which is why, some phones come loaded with a beauty mode to help you click that perfect selfie. The OPPO F1s and the Galaxy A7 were the only ones which featured a beauty mode out of the four devices we were testing. The selfies were clicked by turning the settings of the beauty mode to the max on both the devices. As you can see, the picture from the OPPO F1s (left image) is a lot more punchy and offers more vivid colours which make it the clear winner in this scenario.

Group selfies 

iPhone group selfie Nexus 6P group selfie Galaxy A7 group selfie OPPO-F1s-group-selfie

From left to right: Apple iPhone 6s, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy A7, OPPO F1s

So we have covered individual selfies under different scenarios but what if your friends want in some of the selfie action too? Well, we put the contenders to the test and as can be seen from the results, this one was pretty even across all devices. However, the F1s and the Nexus 6P still managed to get slightly clearer images than the rest. 


Taking into account all the different scenarios, the OPPO F1s and the Nexus 6P trump their rivals in most of the situations. While pictures clicked against the light performed better on the 6P, no one could match the prowess of the F1s in lowlight photography. Considering the bang to buck ratio and the presence of a feature-rich camera app, the OPPO F1s has proven its worth and we recommend it wholeheartedly to any selfie lover out there.

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