OPPO F1 Plus vs Apple iPhone 6s vs Google Nexus 6P: the quest for the fastest fingerprint reader

“We compared the fingerprint sensors on these phones to spot the fastest and got the results on tape as proof”


You’d be lying if you say you haven’t tried unlocking your friend’s phone by using your voice or tried your luck to see if your fingerprints match. While we have had an instance where the phone’s voice recognition system mistook someone else’s voice for the owner’s, but we can’t think of a single time when any smartphone with a fingerprint reader, unlocked with an unregistered fingerprint. Do you know why? Because the estimated probability of happening so is one in 64 million. That’s just too many people to meet to find your fingerprint twin. That’s probably the reason why fingerprint scanners have become such a huge trend in the smartphone industry when it comes to security.

Initially a luxury available to only high-end smartphone users, fingerprint readers have now become ubiquitous across the price spectrum, and consequently, you can now find a fingerprint scanner in a phone priced as low as Rs 6,999. Pretty much like you finding a pyramid-studded shoe at a local store. However, just the fact that it’s studded, does not make it a Valentino Rockstud. So, what differentiates a great fingerprint reader from just a good one? It’s the accuracy, speed, and precision at which the scanner functions. There might be a fingerprint reader which recognises your fingerprint easily, but is slow. There might be one which is lightning fast but fails to recognise the fingerprint basis your finger’s orientation. Or there might be one which is good for nothing, and just somehow manages to do its job. And out of all those that are present out there, what we look for is the one which recognises the fingerprint every time you use it, from any angle, and in the blink of an eye.

The OPPO F1 Plus (first impressions), which sports a fingerprint reader embedded into its home button, actually boasts to have one of the fastest fingerprint scanners around. The smartphone was launched last month, and sports impressive specifications. It’s powered by a MediaTek Helio P10 processor which is mated to 4GB of RAM. Its 5.5-inch display is full HD, and the smartphone sports the highest front-camera megapixel count which you can find in the market right now…16MP. Being the camera-centric phone that it is, it’s among the best camera phones you can buy in the mid-range segment (read camera review). With the aforementioned processor and RAM configuration, it’s a processing powerhouse as well. And, all of this is backed by a 2,850mAh battery, which works well enough to make your phone easily last a day.


However, the cherry on the cake is its fingerprint scanner, which is among the best we’ve seen on smartphones lately. The scanner is easily accessible since it’s been placed on the front. It recognises the fingerprint almost every time, and does not let the orientation hinder the process. A technical translation for that would be that the fingerprint reader on the OPPO F1 Plus is both accurate and precise…and just as fast. The OPPO F1 Plus’ fingerprint scanner unlocks the smartphone in no time, and also lets you access encrypted apps and other files, which you might want to keep safe from prying eyes. Up to five fingerprints can be stored on the OPPO F1 Plus.


You do not have to take our word on the fact that the OPPO F1 Plus’ fingerprint reader is among the best you can find. We took the liberty of comparing the fingerprint scanner with the ones on some premium flagships like the Apple iPhone 6s and the Google Nexus 6P. To test this, we got three people to register their respective fingerprints on the OPPO F1 Plus, Apple iPhone 6s and the Nexus 6P, and asked them to touch the fingerprint sensors on the count of three, simultaneously.

As you can see in the above video, the OPPO F1 Plus’ fingerprint scanner is clearly the fastest among all. While the video shows a single shot, we did the process thrice, consecutively, and the fingerprint reader on the OPPP F1 Plus didn’t miss once, proving that its extremely accurate, and precise as well. This leaves us impressed with the OPPO F1 Plus and the capabilities of its fingerprint reader. Evidently, the OPPO F1 Plus users have an edge over other smartphone users, including flagship users like Apple iPhone 6s and Google Nexus 6P, when it comes to biometrics.

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