Operate your touchscreen with Screen-friendly Gloves

The camp supporting the resistive touch screen has so far been revelling on the fact that you cant operate capacitative touchscreens with gloves and you have to operate ONLY through your fingers. As the screen responds only to the static electricity. Well, the ‘resistive’ camp is all set to vacate because a company called agloves has come up with a gloves which makes it possible to operate the capacitative touch screens with ease. This is indeed a boon for the users from cold countries who have tough time operating the capacitative touchscreens with the gloves on. Removing gloves on cold winter is not a pleasant experience! Capactitative touchscreens react to the natural bio-electricity in human skin. The conductivity on the skin through the tiny amounts of water, oil and salts allows electrons to flow between the skin and the device. So, when you put a non-conductive material such as gloves, the flow stops and touchscreens does not react anymore the touch! So, how does agloves alleviate this problem? agloves Agloves takes refuge to silver. Silver is a good conductor of electricity. Silver has a periodic name of Ag – thus the name Agloves 🙂 Agloves is made with silver-coated nylon fibers knitted with comfortable fabric. The silver lends conducitivity to the gloves. The conductive gloves does not have silver just on the finger tips, instead silver is woven in to the entire gloves thus giving a better surface area for touchscreen experience. Agloves is also warm and lightweight. I think, even your touch screens will love the soft touch of gloves on them…The added benefit of the gloves is that screen will not have any finger prints or oil marks…At just 17.99$ this product is a definite WIN WIN all the way!

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