Opera, NetSweeper To Offer Mobile Web Security

Opera Software has partnered with Netsweeper to provide added security and Internet content filtering to operators who ship and distribute the Opera Mini browser. With Netsweeper’s technology, Opera will be able to offer mobile operators increased ability to block phishing, fraud, viruses, trojans, malware, access to adult content or other sites, services that are deemed inappropriate, and also add in an extra level of security, especially for enterprise networks. “Our operator customers have requested the ability to control and filter content for our Opera Mini browser, due to legal requirements in the countries where the operators are established,” said Christen Krogh, chief development officer, Opera Software. “The partnership with Netsweeper, which has the most advanced and scalable solution in the market today, will make Opera Mini very attractive to the world’s operators.” Netsweeper’s content filtering and web threat management solutions operate in real-time as Netsweeper’s artificial intelligence engines are notified of the URLs browsed by users and categorized immediately. Netsweeper presently has categorized over 3.8 billion unique URLs with an accuracy rate of 99.9 percent. In addition, Netsweeper has developed ways to identify and block viruses, spyware and other malicious applications, thus protecting both the operator’s network and the individual subscribers. Perry Roach, CEO, Netsweeper, commented, “With the mobile market expanding rapidly and the number of mobile devices with Opera Mini growing worldwide, this partnership represents a fantastic opportunity for not only our businesses but for the operators as well — who will have a distinctive, competitive advantage in the market.” Opera Mini is a popular mobile browser in the world with more than 65 million active monthly users.

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