Opera Mini 7 brings smart page and social media updates to feature phones

opera-logo Opera Software rolled out a fresh edition of its Opera Mini 7 browser for feature phones, making simpler than ever to check out Facebook and other sites with a novel ‘smart page’, which combines updates from social networks as well as news sources in one place. Smart Page primarily turned up in the month of February with the introduction of Opera Mini Next, a beta browser made to provide consumers a preview of upcoming Mini traits plus developments. Besides more competent access to social media updates, the newly introduced Smart Page also proposes news sites to chase, and lets users to insert feeds for the sites they surf frequently. All Smart Page content is accessible through Opera Mini 7’s start screen and matches the browser’s subsisting Speed Dial shortcuts apparatus. The upgraded Opera Mini 7 is obtainable as a free download for J2ME, S60 and BlackBerry handsets. As per Opera, there are now over 172 million Mini users across the globe. The other 17 million subscribers make use of its Opera Mobile web browser. Opera Mini 7’s concentration on simplified social media access appears likely to further fuel rumors that Facebook is looking to purchase Opera Software. Referring “trusted sources,” Pocket-lint stated that Facebook wishes to build up a mobile and desktop browser, which directly incorporates social networking traits and plug-ins, a move to lessen its dependence on browsers such as Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. Research firm Arctic Securities said, “Opera would be sensible for Facebook on several levels. It would enhance the now-limited mobile experience of Facebook, improve Facebook’s mobile monetization problem, help Facebook retain online game developers leaving the social network over the lack of a mobile platform and further improve Facebook’s ability to target ads.”
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