Opera Mini 7.5 gets update for Android OS

Opera Mini 7.5 app for Android mobile OS gets an update. The Web browser maker has introduced a new feature with the update called Smart Page, which will allow receiving all the social network feeds at one place. It even shows news sources feeds. Opera-Mini-update The Smart Page got three main categories – Social tab, News tab and relevant links tab. The Social tab of it helps user get latest updates from the social-network activity along with an overview of at one place. User just need to submit relevant Twitter and Facebook account details in the given field to enjoy the latest updates at a glance, without the need of visiting the webpages of the networks. The News tab helps user to get the latest news from several news sources that is relevant to the individual. The news headline feeds are based on the browsing habits of the user. The third tab provides relevant links to the user based on the current location. Opera Software CEO Lars Boilesen said, “There are just too many social networks, and I’m a busy man! Now, thanks to the Smart Page I can get all the updates at a glance, even from my favorite Danish newspapers. This is a real time saver.” The Smart Page is located beside the Speed Dial option that allows storing of shortcuts on the first screen. Opera Mini 7.5 is one of the most used mobile browsers across the world and it compresses data to facilitate faster Web surfing along with less data consumption. According to Opera, the mobile browser compresses up to 90 percent of data and saves on bandwidth.

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