Opera Mini 5 launched

Opera Mini is a lighter and faster browser for mobile phones. Mobile web users using 2G Network will benefit the most as the page loading time comes down drastically due to the sophisticated compression technology used by Opera. Opera Mini uses the Java ME Platform and therefore demands a requirement of Java ME support in the mobile phones. Opera Mini is jointly promoted by Opera and Google. Opera Mini makes the mobile web browsing faster largely because it serves and requests pages through Opera servers (as a proxy). These servers pre-processes and compresses the pages before delivering the pages to the mobile device. The compression enables faster page loading, lower data transfer/bandwidth requirements. The pre-processing takes care of making the web pages compatibile for the mobile phones. Opera Mini has been approved for iPhone and therefore stands to gain marketshare faster! Opera Mini is yet another catalyst for the mobile web experience. Since pages are served through opera servers, opera stands to gain deep insights with the large amount of data that can be collected! http://www.opera.com/mobile/ Checkout Opera Mini 5 Videos
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