One week to go for Microsoft’s (so-called) huge comeback

Last week we disclosed about the probability of Windows Phone 7 to be the subject for the gala event scheduled by Microsoft in New York on Oct 11. Now when the news has been confirmed from various sources, its clearly being seen as a Microsoft’s last chance to catch up with Apple and Google’s operating systems in the smartphone market. image Microsoft will be unveiling a series of 3 smartphones, one each made by Samsung, LG and HTC, while AT&T has been confirmed as initial carrier in US. Motorola too could have been a good option but due the lawsuit filed by Microsoft, their relationship now isn’t as good as before. All the above mentioned manufacturers are already selling the Android based devices like hotcakes and it raises a doubt if they will be willing to support Microsoft for a long time if the market doesn’t respond positive initially. “We’ll have to see how much vendor support (Microsoft) gets behind it — that was partially what drove Android success,” said Keane at Alpine. “But now, their problem is, ‘We already have Android and the iPhone, do we need a third one?’.” The new software is a revamped version of earlier Windows Mobile OS and the prototypes presented till now hints it to be a huge improvement. The touchscreen interface resembles the company’s Zune music player and it also features movable ’tiles’ to access various phone functions. The handsets are expected to hit the market by mid November. Last few years weren’t good for Microsoft, especially in terms of smartphone market. The company strangely loosed a huge market share prevailing the fourth rank now with a mere 12% of market share. Microsoft’s last attempt to launch a new phone ‘the Kin’ was also dropped after a couple months of survival in the market.

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