One tonne of discarded mobile phones contain 150 grams of gold

A dead mobile phone or your unused mobile phone might not be that worthless as you think. A recent report by People’s Daily Online, says that one tonne of discarded mobile phone may contain 150 grams of gold, 100 kg of copper and 3 kg of silver. Good news is that this precious metals can be extracted. (However, we cannot vouch for the safety in the process which these precious metals are extracted). A discarded mobile phone would infact also contain other toxic substances, rubber, plastic and silicon. When you look at the figures mentioned, 10% of your mobile phone is made of copper, 0.3% of your mobile phone is made of silver and 0.015% of your mobile phone is made of Gold.

The report also says that about 400 million mobile phones are discarded every year and china alone accounts for 100 million of those! The 100 million discarded mobile phones in China is worth 10,000 tonnes. These discarded mobile phones therefore contain 1500 kilograms of Gold, 30,000kg of silver and 100 tonnes of copper!

By 2020, the number of discarded mobile phones in china alone will reach 700 million!

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