OMG Deal – Micromax Modu T for Rs 2800

Micromax Modu T, world’s lightest mobile phone, which was launched back in Oct 2010 and then got featured in our top 5 series for Oct 10, is back in news again. Almost 2 years after the launch, Micromax Modu T is selling for a fraction of its MRP.

  • Product Name : Micromax Modu T
  • MRP : Rs 15000
  • Regular Price : Rs. 4,999
  • Deal Type : On Sale
  • Deal Price : Rs. 2,800
  • Buy here

Modu T was manufactured by an Israeli company Modu and was co-branded in India by Micromax. The phone was also featured in Guinness book of world records for being the lightest touch phone on the earth. Later, the company Modu was closed due to cash crunch.

The term Modu refers to the modular features of this mobile. This mobile may transform itself into various gadgets with the help of its enclosures called Jackets or mates. These jackets include a mini-GPS jacket, a full QWERTY enclosure, a photoframe, a powerful desktop speaker, Sportify (converts it in to watch), Camerafy (Converts it into a 5 mega pixel camera). However, it seems the seller is providing only Camerafy jacket with the product. Do cross check for the confirmation and availability of other jacket before making any purchase.


  • 2.2 Inches resistive Touchscreen
  • Qualcomm Brew OS
  • 3G
  • 5MP Camera Extension Jacket
  • World’s Lightest 3G Touch Phone


  • Small screen
  • Resistive screen
  • Outdated OS

The phone seems to be an outdated mobile but I guess it’s a pretty cool gadget to gift to your girlfriend. Cute and affordable. You can also plan to buy it for a collection as it is a Guinness book featured product and I am sure these are definitely the last units.

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