Olympus VG-180 & VR-370: 16 Megapixel Cameras

Olympus has now announced two new models the VG-180 and the slimline VR-370 as part of the Stylus Smart series of cameras. These two new additions come shortly after the recent launch of the stylus XZ-10. The VG-180 and the slimline VR-370 both have a 16 megapixel camera and are compatible with Eye-Fi’s range of wireless memory cards. The former has a 26-130mm equivalent lenses and a 2.7 inch LCD monitor having a resolution of 2,30,000 dots. The latter has a 24-30mm equivalent optic, with sensor shift-image stabilization and a higher resolution wider 3 inch screen at the back of the camera. With these specifications you can shoot high quality movies VR-370-534x400 The VR-370 has an incredible 24-30mm focal length as aforesaid, packing into it lens flexibility and versatility. With this quality of lens the user wont be forced to purchase another lens thereby avoiding extra expenses. You can beautifully capture landscapes, Architecture famous objects, and crowds of people with epic detailing. What makes it perfect is that it has dual image stabilization feature and also a range of Magic Filters to overcome blur from shaky hands. Also these cameras both have Eye-Fi compatibility which means that you can transfer images and videos wirelessly to a PC or on the internet through an optional Eye-Fi card. The VR-370 also has a metal ridge on its front to improve the grip and to make handling easier. For compact cameras that cost less, the common problem is that they wont assure you quality pictures. However, the VG-180 challenges this notion with its 16 megapixel mega-clarity goodness. With this, you get a high precision 5x optical zoom which gives out absolutely sharp and clear close ups. It also has a versatile and wide range zoom which can max out to 26 mm, perfect for group shots and landscapes. The VG-180 takes care of the basics through its i-Auto  function. You can even add Magic Filters to your images to spruce them up to convert the picture into a piece of breathtaking art. It can shoot fabulous videos with audio of 720 HD for making movies.

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