Olympus SZ-14 The Trendy Travel Zoom Digital Camera

The Olympus SZ-14 has the perfect design of a professional camera with multi-stacked zoom lenses. The camera has a neat and refined polish, and belongs to the travel zoom digital camera category. These cameras have a small dimension that can occupy a neat spot in the pocket, with a range of exciting features packed in a small piece. The features offers for quality capturing capacity and resolution are telephoto lens, fully manual controls, scene presets and filters and HD video recording. SZ-14_black__left-550x390 The SZ-14 is a trendy 14 megapixel camera with a polished and slightly shiny design in the travel zoom segment. The camera is available in subtle colours of silver, red and black. The camera’s front represents refined finish due to the aluminium plate. The telescopic lens fitments also deliver an attractive appeal of a classy black with chrome trimming around the borders. The rear has some exciting features for those who have a fascination for cameras, with a 3-inch LCD monitor, when one peaks to the right, there is a control panel with video recording button at the extreme top and there are buttons for playback and menu, 5-way D-pad with jog dial and help button. There is a rubber grip for thumb at the top right. When one lifts the plastic flap on the right area there is a HDMI and USB port. There is a compartment for battery and SD card that can be located by opening the plastic flap. The lens has a width of 25mm that has the capacity to capture images at close distances and large group without having to move a large distance. The camera can also capture breathtaking sceneries of mountains and landscapes at a near distance. The lens can extend to 600mm which can translate to 24x zoom capacity. The largest aperture at wide and telephoto ends are F3.0 and F6.9. For a short and fun holiday, the F3.0 has amazing quality. The Olympus SZ-14 has shooting functions fitted in the right stack that can be cropped based on the preferred shooting function. The Program offers the most advanced shooting mode where one can set the white balance, ISO (80 to 1600), burst mode, AF mode (Face, Spot and AF tracking) and many more. The other interesting shooting modes offered are iAUTO: This mode detects the preferred scene type automatically and operates optimal exposure parameters. With this mode you can set image resolution, enable/disable flash and use self-timer. SCN: With this mode there are 16 scene functions which include face detection for pets like cats and dogs, fireworks, sport, sunset, indoor, night portrait and documents. Magic: In this mode there are 11 filters that can capture creative shots that include Pop Art (punchy colours), Pin Hole, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Watercolor, Miniature and Reflection. The image resolution can be set by using Macro, enable/disable flash and self timer. Panorama: This mode enables efficient shooting capacity at 180 degrees with three techniques. In the manual mode, three images can be shot. With this mode one can capture many shots by gathering the shots using a Panorama app onto the laptop. 3D: With this mode the left and right eye shots can be captured and merged into a 3D image. The Olympus SZ-14 has powerful features of a travel zoom digital camera; this can be the perfect camera to carry when on a holiday to capture amazing sceneries and monuments.

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