Olympus launches eight new classy and professional compact cameras in India

Olympus Imaging India which is an extremely popular company with respect to cameras has launched eight new cameras in Mumbai recently. With the introduction of these cameras with efficient and varied capacities through many price ranges, the company announces that it is keen to re-invent this new flourishing sector in imaging technology in India. Olympus Camera launch The first compact camera is the Stylus SH-50 compact digital camera that houses a 24x optical zoom lens and 3-axis by 5-axis image stabilisation functionalities. The camera is equipped with large zoom range into a tiny compact body which is equal to that of large and heavy telephoto lenses on SLR cameras employed for shooting everything from the regular daily sceneries to concerts, sporting events and other scenes. According to the company, the SH-50 is a powerful camera of imaging technology designed with a 16 megapixel, high-sensitivity, high-speed Back Side Illuminated CMOS sensor and high-performance TruePic image processing engine. The blend of these excellent features creates a supreme atmosphere for iHS technology which can deliver high-sensitivity, low-noise and high-speed AF. The Stylus SH-16 compact difital camera houses a 24x high-powered optical zoom lens and 16 megapixel CMOS sensor into a compact body for a camera with a feel of a SLR. Olympus has also introduced the Stylus TG-2 Tough compact digital camera which has exemplary features of waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof capability. This compact camera is fitted with a high-speed f2.0 lens, high-speed GPS and iHS technology for an excellent model that would ideally suit sport professional and outdoor fans. The second edition is the TG-2’s waterproof technology that has improved tolerance of 12m to 15m drop/shock proof to 2.1m and freezeproof to -10 degrees C. The TG-2 is mounted with bright, high-speed lens that increases the versatility of shooting to new heights. The company also introduced three cameras in the VG series such as VG-165, VG-180 and VG-190. The VG-165 and VG-180 camera is fitted with 5x optical zoom lens into a slender compact body for simple, high-quality photos and movies. The Stylus V series cameras are introduced with a range of features into a slender devise designed with a view to deliver effective and scenic photography with ease. The VG-180 is fitted with a 16 megapixel CCD and VG-165 is mounted with 14 megapixel CCD. These sensors provide simple shooting of supreme-quality photos and movies. With AUTO mode, the cameras can detect shooting conditions and set the optical mode by focussing the camera at a subject. These cameras are mounted with popular Magic Filter. Users can choose a filter to provide a slightly varied quality to photographs. The VG-190 is inserted with excellent features like high-intensity flash for shooting in dark indoor locations and is tailored with a 26mm wide angled 5x optical zoom lens and iAUTO. The VG-190 is designed with high-intensity flash than most digital cameras and is offered with Long Flash mode which intensifies the distance of flash light. The camera is designed with 16 megapixel CCD sensor and HD movie shooting function. Olympus has indeed introduced powerful camera to enjoy a marvellous vacation period to capture awe-inspiring sceneries and monuments.

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