Nvidia Tegra 4 to offer 6x better performance than Tegra 3

Someone has spilled the beans about the Nvidia next generation mobile processor on the Web. Chip Hell claims to have important slide containing information on the Tegra 4 mobile processor. It reveals the new processor, successor of the Tegra 3, is codenamed Wayne. It will carry a brand name of Tegra 4 in the market and to have 6x graphics power of Tegra 3 mobile processor. Nvidia_logo It is learned from the leaked information that the new mobile processor from Nvidia will be made using 28nm fabrication technology and it will have a compact appearance. It will be equipped with four cores and a fifth battery saver core. It will power 72 graphic cores to offer far better graphics power compared to Tegra 3 and Tegra 2 processors, up to six times twenty times respectively. The new Tegra 4 is created upon the ARM Cortex-a15 processor model, ready to make Samsung Eynos 5 and Qualcomm’s Krait-core Snapdreagon run for their money. It can support bigger displays to the extent of 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution and playback full 1080p HD at 120Hz. If all these speculated specs are true then a tablet run on Tegra 4 processor would play full HD video like today’s TV. Tegra 4 chip will also be able to support more than 350 megapixels per seconds. Higher processing and graphics are always better for users. Well, need to wait for sometime. It is expected by second half of 2013 Tegra 4 mobile processor-based tablets and smartphones will be released.

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