Now, Kaspersky Mobile Security Comes To Android, Blackberry!

In addition to Windows Mobile and Symbian, security firm Kaspersky Lab is now offering protection for BlackBerry and Android smartphone owners. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 now offers anti-theft and privacy features for these operating systems. The security solution also ensures a lost or stolen smartphone is only an inconvenience, and not a devastating loss of personal data that can lead to identity theft and financial fraud, the company said. The new version of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 gives Android and BlackBerry users a solution to the most common problem associated with smartphones — lost or stolen devices. Owners can now track their device and remotely secure their data. This ensures pictures, personal contacts, downloaded documents, and banking credentials never fall into the wrong hands. kas If a mobile device is lost or stolen, the Kaspersky Mobile Security 9’s SMS Find feature can view the smartphone’s real-time GPS location displayed on Google Maps. Then via a link, the location is sent automatically to a pre-determined email address chosen by the phone’s owner. Users can remotely block communications to-and-from a missing device, and can lock-down a missing smartphone to prevent anyone from private information. Users can also remotely delete all data from the smartphone, protecting contacts or sensitive information from unauthorized use using the solution. If the thief tries to circumvent these GPS tracking and data-deletion programs by replacing the device’s SIM card, Kaspersky Mobile Security 9’s SIM Watch will send the device’s new telephone number to the rightful owner’s pre-determined email address. If the SIM card on a stolen smartphone is switched for a different card, the owner the rightful owner will still have the ability to delete sensitive data, and can provide the phone’s new number to wireless service providers and law enforcement agencies that can track and recover the stolen device. Also new to the Android and BlackBerry platforms, Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 can be used to control incoming and outgoing content, allowing users to easily block spam text messages and phone calls from unwanted numbers. With Kaspersky Mobile Security 9, Android users now have the best anti-malware protection and privacy protection features, the company said.

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