Now Have Local Flavors on BlackBerry 10 Apps

Research In Motion (RIM) seems to be doing more research in app quality these days as it is clear from an interview of Reuters with CEO Thorsten Heins that their app libraries are now going to play an important role in the success or failure of smartphones, and it is not just the numbers of apps but in fact of quality. blackberry 10 RIM has projected 1000,000 apps, a record of course for any new platform at take off. We know it is still a small part of those available on Apple Inc or Google Inc devices. RIM’s CEO added further that the company have plans to offer the popular applications in the market as well as those most relevant to BlackBerry fans, who were stamped as hyper-connected multi-taskers and one who need to get work done. RIM’s ultra-secure BlackBerry, once the smartphone of choice, is now facing stiff competition from other rivals, especially in North American markets. RIM hopes its new line BB10 smartphones will help regain lost ground in the mobile market from Apple’s iPhone and devices powered by Google’s Android operating system. In accordance to numbers, RIM’s app offering stays far behind than that of Apple and Google app stores, each claiming to have over 700,000 apps. RIM is ready to focus attention to app related enterprise, as well as music and movie apps, and gaming app too. RIM declared that all social networks will have apps for BB10 at launch. But the big name apps that RIM will include on board come launch date remains anonymous.

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