Now get a Android Tablet for just Rs. 8000!

Just like Windows commoditized the PC and Laptop market, Android is commoditizing the Smartphone and Tablet market! When a good/product/service is commoditized it is virtually impossible to differentiate one offering from the other. Commoditization also bring into effect the economies of scale and naturally brings down the prices. Android smartphones and Tablets are witnessing that effect.

We saw a not-so-popular ZenPad 7 being offered for Rs. 14,000; We then witnessed HCL ME android tablet for Rs. 15,000; Now, Mydala brings to Indians a chinese android tablet that costs  you just Rs. 8,000! Mydala calls this tablet Black Elemente Android 701 Tablet. This tablet is a chinese product, and the actual details can be found here and the product is being sold @ 158$. I am not trying to demean the chinese makes here. It’s just that you cant expect after-sales support and service when you buy gadgets like these. These tablets are good to get a hang of Android tablet, or to test out your applications (if you are an application developer), or you can give it to your kids to play with this ‘toy’ 🙂


Quick Specs:

7 inch multi-touch @ 800×480 pixels resolution

Android 2.1 OS

WiFi Enabled

HD Video playback @ 720p

Support for All major social networking apps

8 GB Memory

Support for 3G

Expandable memory upto 32GB

USB Ports

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