Now Enjoy Cycling and Make Profit : Nokia Bicycle Kit

Along with the launch of the dual sim mobile phones Nokia has also launched a Nokia Bicycle Kit on June 3rd 2010. They have used the dynamo concept which is quite a brilliant idea for this kit. The dynamo is a kind of electricity generator which is powered by the front bicycle wheel and as the rider pedals, it transfers the electricity to a charger attached to the handlebar. To start with the specifications, the size of the dynamo is 40.5 x 94.5 mm, with the phone holder and the DC-14 charger possessing a size of 144 x 22 x 24 mm and 70 x 34 x 21 mm respectively.This particular kit is compatible with any Nokia handset as well as it is reconcilable with bottle typed bicycle dynamos (6V/3W and 12V/3W output). It consists of a standard 2 mm charging jack. The cycle has to have a speed of atleast 6 kilometers per hour as charging starts at this point , reaching its maximum efficiency at 25 km/hr and stops at 50 km/hr. It also offers two brackets along with the charger and generator. One of them appends itself to the bicycle handbars to hold the charger and the cell phone holder secured, whilst the other one secures the small electric generator to the bike’s fork. Nokia Bicycle kit will be serving an environment friendly electricity for mobile phones. It is definitely be desirable as well as acceptable in those countries where especially bicycle is staple form of transport. It would be able to operate at a temperature -15 to 55 degree centigrade. It would be costing around INR of Rs.850.untitled 1untitled 2untitled 3

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