Now airbags for smartphones! What next?

Dropping your smartphone inadvertently can be very disturbing. More so if your device sports a touchscreen. But be still and relaxed. A new technology has made its entry and could be a boon to the smartphone world. This technology is similar to the airbag technology found in an automobile. airbag Amazon has patented a technology that involves air jets along with an airbag protecting the phone with reduced damage if dropped accidentally. The patent says the phone will be fitted with an airbag system and CO2 gas filled cartridges. The system will detect fall of the device and will alter the orientation of it to land on airbag, hence minimizing the damage. Below is what exactly the patent awarded to the retail giant reades: “a method for protecting a portable device that includes an airbag deployable from a side of the portable device, comprising: detecting that the portable device will impact a surface; prior to impact with the surface, determining if a risk of damage to the portable device from the impact exceeds a damage threshold; when the risk of damage to the portable device exceeds the damage threshold: altering the orientation of the portable device such that the air bag first impacts the surface; and deploying the airbag prior to impact with the surface.” It is learned the new and yet-to-be-implemented technology can be helpful for expensive smartphones as well as phablets, the hybrid phone-cum-tablet device. Though the technology may be sounding promising as of now but it is yet to be seen how much it will be helpful in protecting mobile devices that pinch pockets to great extent if broken.

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