Notion Ink Adam II Android Tablet Detailed

India based Notion Ink has partnered with Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated to introduce the next generation Adam II Tablets. Notion Ink is the first Indian company to announce a global level competing device (tablet). Though the company has the first mover advantage in tablet market, their products failed to please the consumers worldwide. One strong reason for the failure could be the delay in inventory reaching the markets. Adding to that, the Notion Ink tablet prices are so high that consumers cannot take a simple buying decision. notion-ink-adam-2 Now, in the present situation Notion Ink and TI partnership is expected to bring future proof devices. The new Notion Ink Adam II tablet is expected to delight the consumers with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running on-board. Apparently, this is a full-fledged ICS platform coming to the device. According to the company, the new partnership will yield device backed with Texas Instruments processors and internal components including Wi-link 7.0 chipset and Phoenix Audio power Amplifiers. Mr.Rohan Shravan, Founder Notion Ink, on the company official blog says, “The OMAP44xx platform’s smart multicore architecture pairs its main CPUs with several differentiated features including programmable accelerators, hardware composition engines and a dedicated ISP. Imagination Technologies’ super-fast PowerVR SGX5xx GPU and enhanced memory architecture add still more functionality while an OMAP-specific distributed composition architecture enables advanced image and video layering for crisp, HD visuals. These elements and more are the force behind the OMAP44xx processor’s ability to enable fast and fluid multitasking while maintaining ultra-low power consumption.”

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