Nokia’s Here maps app releases for iOS

The recently launched Nokia Maps app, dubbed as Here, is now made available for the iDevices. The Finnish phone maker has released it for the iOS mobile operating system. HERE-Maps-iOS Nokia unveiled this Google Maps challenger last week in the US at an event, promoting the application as a prime feature of Windows Phone 8 handsets. Further, at the event the company echoed its plans to introduce Here to iOS. It may be a step further by Nokia to secure iDevice owners from the burden of using Apple’s Maps application, which is full of errors and mistakes with misguiding icons. Nokia Here maps app for the iOS can be downloaded from the iTunes store free of charge. Nokia claims the Here maps app is highly user friendly with which people can find and discover nearby places for utility services and entertainment stuff. You can gather places and information to remember or for later visits. You can find novel places, and be informed at once, how to reach on foot, car or by using transport. Here maps is based upon the Navteq mapping data. With the availability of Nokia’s Here maps app on the iOS the Apple loyal users feel let down. They have praised the operation of this new app. People find the application amazingly similar to Google Maps. In simple term, it is 100 percent better than the Apple Maps app. Have you checked this newly released Nokia Here map app on your smartphone? Do share here how it is.

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