Nokia’s Best – Polls for year 2010

Finland based Nokia, a largest mobile handsets manufacturing company spends a good time in listening to the consumers. Their official blog – Nokia conversation conducts polls and considers the results for their decision making and introducing new stuff. The team actively participates in detailing, A day long conversations, answering almost all the user queries, voicing-out the new inventions, detailed facts, photos, releases, updates and the list goes on.  They conduct polls to understand the buyer tendency and their experience with the Nokia products. Nokia conducted a poll to figure out “Best products of 2010” where they rapidly made news and announcements during the year 2010. Another one to trace “Best App from 2010”. Undoubtedly, Nokia N8-00 stood top in the list, certainly the “Angry Birds” in the Apps line. nokia-poll-1nokia-poll-2

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