Nokia X2 review in pictures

“A quick review of Nokia’s Android-toting X2”

With the Nokia X range, the Microsoft-owned company played its cards well. The devices not only satiated consumers’ demand of a Nokia Android device, but also acted as a gateway to Windows Phone and Microsoft services. The brand has certainly been successful in this regard, since the Nokia X (review | FAQs) and Nokia XL (first impressions) constantly feature in our Top 20 mobiles of the month list. That said, the first generation Nokia X handsets had some major issues, such as average hardware, no ability to multitask, and a forked Android OS with no access to Google services, to name a few. To solve those complaints, the manufacturer has outed the successor of the series in the form of the Nokia X2 (FAQs). Our upcoming review will delve deeper into what changes the smartphone brings, along with how it performs in day-to-day usage. But, if you’re short on time, here’s a quick look at what the Nokia X2 offers.

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