Nokia users can now play Antakshari on their phones

Nokia is going to give you the experience of Antakshari game on your GPRS enabled phones. If you use Nokia phones and love antakshari then you can be happy about playing it on your device soon. Basically Nokia has just partnered with a social networking application called RockeTalk and Maxux to launch this audio game for its GPRS Enabled phones. If you want to play Antakshari on your Nokia phone then you will have to make sure you have a live working GPRS connection on your device. Antakshari has been one of the most famous audio games of all times and now it is available on Nokia phones too.

Nokia Antakshari

Nokia Antakshari game basically allows a number of players to enter into the game. First of all you will need to install the Antakshari on your device and then you can start playing the game. You will get different types of banners on your screen, when you will click on one then you will hear an audio message. After hearing the song you will have to sing a new song using last letter of that audio clip just like the real antakshari game and send it to the other players. Marketing Director of Nokia Viral Oza said that Nokia wants to bring India’s most beloved game Antakshari on the mobile platform now, and Nokia is providing music services from a long time for its users. So now this effort from Nokia is pretty good for live antakshari experience on your mobile phone. This application will only support in the Nokia phones that are having GPRS connectivity. We think Viral Oza is right about Nokia’s efforts of providing musical services on mobile devices because Nokia is providing unlimited music downloads on its phones from a long time. Lets see how this game scores among Nokia users.
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