Nokia Stretchable Electronic Skin : New invention of Nokia labs

Its high time for Nokia. While Symbian is heavily crunched by other operating systems like IOS & Android, its worldwide market share on the other hand is drastically being captured by other manufacturers. But if you think the Nokia era is over, give it a second thought. With all the hypes and buzz in recent months Nokia has clearly shown its intention to comeback. Nokia N8, which is the most awaited phone and loaded with a powerful OS Symbian^3 is about to hit the market. A few days back in Nokia world it presented the concept to convert any screen in to touch screen which was a superb concept altogether. Nokia is back with another new concept and it is truly unique. its about the so-called stretchable electronic skin. An electronic touchpad which uses “evaporated gold as a conductor”, and can be stretched and crumpled without losing its functionality. Imagine a flexible phone which can be twisted, stretched and bent. It needs a lot of work before get in to the mass market and Nokia labs are working on it. Have a look at the video below where Dr Stéphanie Lacour, University of Cambridge Research Centre, talks about stretchable electronic skin which her team is working on at University of Cambridge in collaboration with Nokia thinking about devices which can have flexible forms.

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