Nokia still remains top handset manufacturer in 2011

In the recent times we noticed some interesting news about Apple and Samsung crowned as global smartphone leaders in terms of volume sales and revenue. Also, Apple achieved its highest all-time market share in Q4, 2011 when compared with other players in the world. But then, these figures are applicable for smartphone market segment across the globe. If this was the situation, who’s the top handset manufacturer in 2011??? Nokia-logoAccording to Strategy Analytics report, for the entire year 2011 Nokia leads the market with 25.5 percent. Followed by Samsung with 21.3 percent and Apple by 6 percent. Nokia shipped 417.1 million handset, including 113.5 million in Q4, 2011. The report details, the Finnish based manufacturer also led by its dual-SIM powered low-end models in Southeast Asia. Samsung was able to sell 327.4 million handsets in the year 2011. For the last three months in 2011, Samsung sold 95 million units for a 21.3 percent market share. Undoubtedly, Nokia with its loyal customers and popularity still leading the market. Also, the company with its Windows based Lumia did not make up for the decline in Symbian powered models.


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