Nokia rolls out another software update for Lumia 800, promises to improve battery performance among other things

Nokia-Lumia-800 Nokia announced today that it is rolling out a new software update for the Lumia 800. This is Nokia’s third update in the last four months. The new update (version 1600.2487.8107.12070) will bring a substantial improvement in the battery performance and greater efficiency in the power management for the Nokia Lumia 800. The update was initially going to be released on April 18. Over the past few updates, Nokia has been trying to bring about a significant improvement in the battery performance of the Nokia Lumia 800. However, most of these update failed to bring about the desired improvements and, in fact, some turned out to be counter-productive. One of Nokia’s updates simply decreased the brightness of the screen display. According to reports, Nokia claims that this update will significantly improve the Lumia 800 and enable it to give worthy competition to the best performers of phones belonging to this class, i.e., with battery capacities similar to that of the Lumia 800(1450 mAh). Through this update, Nokia is also looking to bring about a significant enhancement in the bass during music playback. The update will also ensure that the soft keys shall be able to illuminate at all brightness settings. Although, internet tethering is something that this update will not provide for, the Finnish handset giant assures that it is working on making this facility available soon. The new update shall be released in batches and is presently available for Lumia units from India. The successive batches shall be rolled out on April 4, April 11 and April 18.
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