Nokia Plans to Sell Off Vertu Division

The Finnish company is reportedly attempting to step away from its Luxury phone division. Nokia which was engaged in luxury phone brand Vertu for more than a decade is looking for a potential buyer. The reason behind selling the division is that the company is planning to shift its focus on smartphones and feature phone business. Nokia is very clear in catering the needs of budget conscious customers. vertu-constellation-quest-phone Generally, Vertu phones costs from $7,800 to $16,000 and they come in luxury bold designs with expensive metals and gemstones. Unsurprisingly, they’ll be Symbian run devices but buyers in the recent years are inclined to Android smartphones and iPhones. Vertu was disregarded for the reason that they’re aren’t competent with these smartphones. In the recent times, Vertu launched a device named Constellation, which is a smartphone with touchscreen and runs Symbian OS. The Constellation is made with polished stainless steel, sapphire screen, and black leather alligator skin. It comes with an 8-megapixel EDoF(Extended Depth of Field) camera and twin LED Heptagon flash. Constellation comes with a price tag of 4400 Euro (approx Rs.3,01,648/-) via[Financial Times]

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