Nokia Officially launches Nokia J Bluetooth Headset

The much-awaited Nokia J bluetooth headset (also known as BH-806) is officially launched today. The headset is quite stylish and packs in lot of interesting capabilities including an awesome DSP active noise cancellation that lends your incredible call clarity. We covered about this headset way back in March. Nokia J bluetooth headset comes with a holder which holds the ear-piece. The holder has a clip which can fit into your pant or pockets. When you receive a call, you have to just take the headset out of the holder and place it in your ears and begin talking. The headset does the job of powering on, connecting to the mobile device and call answering all by itself. You dont have to press any on button. Once you are done with the call, place the ear-piece back to the holder and the ear-piece will end the call, disconnect from the mobile phone and powers itself off! This “Always Ready” feature is very useful indeed.


The ear-piece has an in-ear design. The ear-buds is designed to fit high percentage of users out there in the market. In addition to the standard ear bud, Nokia provides six different ear-buds that will cover almost every user out there in the market. Once the ear-piece fits inside your ears, it fits securely and does not fall off easily. Nokia J has a good battery life. It provides 5 hours of talk-time and an amazing 3 months or 90 days of standby time..brilliant!

The price of Nokia J Bluetooth headset in India is Rs. 5,570. Before buying this headset just make sure that you have a mobile phone that can support bluetooth v2.1 with enhanced data rate.

This awesome headset has own several accolades and awards across the globe including red Dot Design 2011 Winner, iF Product design Winner, International CES design winner and Engineering showcase honour 2011 winner.

Nokia J Bluetooth Headset Videos

Quick specs:

  • Dimensions : 47.4 mm x 12.5 mm x 6.4 mm
  • Weight : 8g
  • Operating range (maximum) : 10 m
  • Rechargeable 115 mAh Li-Ion Polymer battery
  • 1 hour Charging time (2.5 hours of talk time with 15 mins of charging )
  • Talk time (Bluetooth): 5 hours and Standby with Bluetooth: 3 months (ready-to-talk), 100 hours (switched on)
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