Nokia N8 vs Nokia C7 – Comparitive Study of Features

N8_C7_2-300x231 Alright this last month has been a quite a busy month for Nokia Devices – we finally saw the launch of latest & much awaited Smartphone Operating System Symbian 3. And Nokia managed to ship them out by end of September with the Nokia N8 first & then now the Nokia C7 is hitting the stores this past week. As any other consumer who have been waiting to buy the latest devices from Nokia you would be bound to confused which one you should buy either the Nokia N8 or Nokia C7 -and here is our quick post to explain the key differences & how you could choose which one to purchase. First quick description of the Phones & then key features review. Nokia C7 –  Focussed for the Consumer or Stylish Smartphone Segment- The Nokia C7 is a MonoBlock, Full Touch Capacitive Touch Screen & uses an AMOLED Display as well. Has good media features like 8MP Camera & Video recording 720ps. This phone is fully stainless steel – solid built, only 10.7mm thick. It reminds the good old E71 build except the front is a Full Touch instead of the Qwerty Key Pad. If you have used the E71 – you would know how the device would feel on the hands.. So our guess is Nokia C7 would feel the same, it is going to be all metal, stylish & sleek to hold. Definitely attractive enough to turn head. It comes in three colors, white, gray & brown ( same like E71/E72) Nokia N8 – Aimed the MultiMedia lovers, The Nokia N8 introduces a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and a large sensor that rivals those found in compact digital cameras. People can also make HD-quality videos and edit them with an intuitive built-in editing suite. The Nokia N8 offers a true home theater experience with HD quality film and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. You can plug the device to your home theatre system with an HDMI cable. It comes in 5 attractive colors. Now to the features List. N8_C7 Summary – So, if you look the key features from the above list – the there are only few  key differences between the N8 & C7. 1. Camera – N8 sports a 12MP camera – it is the best Camera Phone available in the market . If you would like quality digital photos on the go – then N8 is the device between the two. The N8 has great photo editing features on the device, so you can pretty much do  most of the function you would rather use a Photoshop for. Nutshell – if you are looking for a great camera device with never seen before camera features & photo editing features just go for the Nokia N8 and you will not be disappointed for sure. N8 is for the Photo Lover & user who wants a Multimedia powerhouse in their hands. Recently there was a video taken by N8 as well. The media capabilities of N8 are never ending.. It has redefined the meaning of mobile Photography. 2. Style & Looks – The C7 being all Metal & 2mm thinner than the N8 – is positioned towards the style seekers who want a “cool” looking device on their hand. So, if you are ok with a regular8MP EDOF Camera – then C7 is the device. besides is 4000 rupees cheaper as well than the N8. So C7 is for the style seeker, sleek looking metal device. It runs the Symbian 3 OS as well – so all applications that would work on the N8 would work here as well. So here we go… both devices run on Symbian 3 – they will perform the same, similar hardware specs (except memory space 8GB/16GB internal) are the same & major difference coming from Camera & Sleekness of the device.Check out our other posts on the Nokia N8 & some good applications for the Symbian 3 Device. Some videos of the device can also help you choose between the two.
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