Nokia N8 Issues

Nokia’s problem is not appearing to cease! Nokia N8, the much-hyped Smartphone powered by Symbian ^3 OS and with impressive hardware specs seems to have hit by nagging problems. Owners of Nokia N8 worldwide are reporting power problems. Some N8 handsets appear to switch itself off and refuses to turn on even after charging! Nokia has attributed this to a manufacturing defect. The problem is covered in the standard manufacturer’s warranty. So, if you are affected by this problem, immediately approach your nearest Nokia Service centre. Going by the number of cases, I am expecting a delay in getting your phone fixed. Nokia’s EVP and general manager Niklas Savander issued a video statement today to address this issue. The problem is connected to the way Nokia assembles the phones’ main circuit board containing basic electronics and radio-frequency components, according to Savander. According to him, only a “small” number of users are affected by this. But it doesnt make sense, because it is a manufacturing defect and not some random product defects! The video is provided below: The user reactions are swinging from “wild” to “insane”. Some poor users have witnessed this problem within 3 days of purchasing the phone. There are also cases where the regional nokia service centres are not accepting to fix the phones that were purchased in other countries. So, if you have been planning to buy Nokia N8, it is better to rethink your choice given the current knowledge. Sure, may be only few devices are suffering from this problem but I don’t think it’s worthwhile to risk Rs. 23,000 – 25,000 into a known problem. Nokia is going through a relatively ‘long rough patch’. Any of you have been affected by this? via Nokia Conversations

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