Nokia Lumia 920 India version to support 9 LTE bands?

The much awaited Flagship device from Nokia, Nokia Lumia 920 that is being speculated to be launched in January 2013 has again stunned the world with the details available about it on its official website that has stated that the new Smartphone will have nine LTE Bands including 700MHz, 800MHz, 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz Bands.

The gadget supporting almost all the major bands available over the globe would become the first ever smartphone to support nine LTE Bands according to WM Power user.

It is to be noted that 4G LTE Network in India operates at 2300MHz frequency, which has not been included in the the lists by Nokia. Lumia 920 in its European version supports five LTE bands while there are only three LTE Bands in the specifications listed for its American version.

The LTE Network in India works on TDD (Time Division Duplex), which is at present being used by India and China. Most of the device manufacturers do not provide support to this technology due to less popularity of the network format. Same does Nokia. Till date Huawei’s ascend is the only smartphone which supports TDD band in India.

However, it is still being speculated about the pricing of Nokia Lumia 920 which is yet to be announced. Nokia has put a lot of efforts and is hoping to grab a huge market space with the handset. Let’s wait for the launch of Nokia Lumia 920 in India to see the outcome of the efforts put by the the company.

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